I am not unique nor weird

This is going to be another rant. I just realized that all of my recent posts have been about Kpop, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it is actually interesting to realize what my brain focuses on more these days. Though, I know a lot of people think it’s weird that a non-Asian girl (woman?) is so interested in Korean entertainment industry.

I’ve had ten year olds make fun of my interest. Whenever we have a party at our house, all these little cousins of mine come to our house and basically look through my stuff. I can’t stop them, when I try, I am told I need to have a bigger heart (words of my brother, I swear). And really, I don’t mind if they don’t act silly about things I have or love.

Now, my room is a big mess all the time. Mostly because I have way too many things in it, including several CDs, books (mangas and textbooks included), various papers, notebooks with my attempted fiction writing, and plush toys. While my door is full of posters, sayings, and photo cards (well there is also a picture of my brother and me). Unlike other people, who can hide their stuff when little kids/anyone visits their place, I can’t because I have no space to. So, essentially these kids come into my room, look through my stuff and discover all these Kpop CDs/posters/photo cards and Mangas in my room. And they basically laugh at my face.

I don’t care about their reaction. What I do care about really is how un-accepting they all our towards other cultures. They are perfectly fine with listening to English music and watching American/Canadian show but anything other than the ‘norm’ is laugh worthy for them. And it’s not just these kids.

Recently, I ordered a bunch of Korean music CDs at the library for my radio show. I have been working there for almost eight years and no one has ever said anything about my interest, they are accepting. Though this new lady to the branch decides to act extremely surprise that I like Korean music and asked if I understand what I am listening to. I answered her calmly but now that I think back to our conversation, it makes me feel angry. Am I unique for liking Korean music when I am not Korean? No, I am not and I hate it when people make me feel like I am.

I am really sorry for bringing her sexuality into this but that lady is Gay and she doesn’t see me acting all weirded out around her. I don’t care what your sexuality is, so you really shouldn’t care where my interests lie. Also, I feel that people who have experienced being treated special should know not to treat others like that either. One of my cousins is married to a Vietnamese lady and she was extremely weirded out with the fact that me and her own sister-in-law love Korean music. I am sorry, like what? You’re freaking married into a brown family, wearing a salwar suit and you think liking another culture is weird? I am sorry but I am confused.

Lastly, my parents are more or less accepting of my interests but even they can’t help and make fun of me sometimes.

I am not unique, nor do I want to be treated special but what I do want is people to be accepting of others without prejudice stopping them. Maybe to folks in my family I am pretty special because I’ve always loved different cultures. I know I used to be made fun of when I was younger about liking Tamil movies and music.

We live in a multicultural society, where only tolerance will not get us far, we need to be accepting of others as well. Let’s learn to be tolerant AND accepting, shall we?

P.S. Again I am really sorry about bringing people’s sexuality and nationality into this rant. I would change it but I wanted to make a point. Sorry once again.

2 thoughts on “I am not unique nor weird

  1. No, you’re not weird. You’re eclectic. Awesome blog, as the best one’s are the most honest.

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