My Favourite Kdrama quotes

Well, I was suppose to complete (and publish) this yesterday (or rather now day before yesterday) but food poisoning kept me from doing so. Let’s just say I am never eating another Samosa again in my life, especially from Asian Foods. Ugh. 

I have a feeling most on this list will be from dramas like Shut Up Flower Boy Band and White Christmas. I just love these underdog, high school dramas. I was hanging out with my Bestie on Thursday and she said that these dramas feel very relatable. You can almost feel yourself gaining strength and inspiration from them. I know this might be a romantic notion towards drama viewing but it is still something that I feel is a reality.

“Anyone’s secret tells a truth that I could not have known. And then when what I knew is no longer real… secrets have more power. How much of what I know is actually true?” – Shi Won Reply 1997

There are many quotable dialogues in Reply 1997 and several of them will be listed in this blog. I love this one in particular is because it is so true. How much do you know is true? Especially about a person. Anyone. What you know is what you are told. Nothing more and nothing less. This dialogue is from the scene when Shi Won finds out that Hoya’s character (whose name I can’t remember right now) was gay. He is the one who told her that. If he didn’t she would never have known. Not that it really made a difference in their friendship but it was still a significant scene.

“A person’s heart has countless levels. Its depth cannot be known. Its limit can’t be known. You could fight to the death, and then exchange affection as if nothing ever happened. A red-blooded male could turn into an imbecile in front of the opposite sex. Yes, the truth is uncomfortable. But if we don’t embrace that discomfort, then we must live the rest of our lives believing what’s fake to be real. Even uncomfortable truths must be embraced. What you see is not everything.” – Shi Won Reply 1997

Another quote from this amazing drama of the latter half of 2012. I think this was around the same time as the one above or I may have got the two mixed up. Anyways, it is has the same kind of message as the prior quote. There are some truths that you make you comfortable but that doesn’t mean that it is not something that is real. You just have to accept it. Like it or not.

“There is nothing more urgent than now. Because later might never come. Life isn’t long enough to speak of the next opportunity, rather than the now that’s before our eyes.” – Yoon Jae Reply 1997

Basically, do what you have to do now. As in, right now I need to pay the rest of my tuition but I am really lazy but I have to do it now or else I’ll be charged with late fees. I know totally out of context as to how this dialogue was presented but you know what I mean.

“John Lennon said, ‘The Beatles are more famous than Jesus.’. We’re not famous or special, but we’re just doing what we want, right now. The world that surrounds us is gray and we can’t see our futures. But for now, we just shut up and run – to the time that’s waiting for us.” – Ji Hyuk Reply 1997

I thought I would a lot of other quotes from this drama but weirdly this is the only one I could. I know there are a lot of other dialogues that stood out for me, I just wish I could find the right wording. Anyways, this is a true underdog drama and this quotes says it all. Basically, one is not famous or special but they just are. They just have to move forward towards their future albeit the consequences.

“Men only know if you tell them. Even though you probably want them to just know, they won’t.” – Do Jin A Gentleman’s Dignity

I think this applies to any human being in general. Not just men. If you want someone to know something, just tell them. They don’t have ESP that they will know what you’re thinking. Majority of the time we forget this. I know I did especially when it comes to people close to me. How are they suppose to know what I am feeling when I don’t actually tell them?

“When the victory isn’t applauded by their friends, at times when they are happy and they can’t even smile, their hearts have already become empty.” – Sam Dong Dream High

It is sad when your friends are not happy for you. Not just friends but people who you consider the closest to you.

“Music is the most common language in the world.” – Teacher Kang Dream High

I listen to music from all over the world and I have met a lot of people because of that. It really is the most common language in the world.

“Do you know what it means to become an adult? It means there’s less and less to smile about. So we’ll have to smile even more, even if we have to force it.” – Sam-dong Dream High

With adulthood comes responsibilities. True not everyone likes them but they still exist. An adult has so much to worry about that they don’t always have time to enjoy the little things. It’s sad but it’s the reality.

It doesn’t matter who, but everyone has a dark time in their life. I think that everyone has at least one thing from the past they want to bury.” – Eun Seo Protect the Boss

I know there are quite a few dark moments that I would like to erase but I think at the end of the day they helped shape who I am.

“Do you know what the biggest hurdle is when a person is facing a major event in his life? Emotions. That worthless ego, pride, stubbornness. One can get so lost in those emotions that he can’t see the food right in front of him to save his life.” – Suk Ho God of Study

Ego is a very evil thing. It can really make you lose your cool and see things that are not there. Emotions have always been the kind of things I have had the hardest time controlling so this quote speaks true to me on various levels.

“Don’t you think it’s interesting that every time you meet a person, you can’t predict whether this person will become your enemy or your friend? I think that is why all encounters make your heart flutter.” – Sam Dong Dream High

Isn’t this so true? Whenever you meet a new person, you get this giddy feeling, no matter how your relationship might turn out with that person. It’s interesting.

“Human beings’ hearts change, that’s their specialty. Forever? There’s no such thing. Love, then hate. Hot, then cold. Upset, then grateful. Full of resentment, then understanding. And it goes on.” – Scheduler 49 Days

There is no forever. What you may like one day might be something that you absolutely despise the next.

This today of yours is the precious tomorrow of someone who passed away yesterday.” – Ji Hyun 49 Days

Enjoy your life. I know it’s hard but enjoy it for the people who couldn’t. Live it to the fullest and try to fulfil all your dreams.

“When someone dies, the world continues spinning but there’s one person less…”– Yu-jin Winter Sonata

Both this quote and the one above are extremely sad but true. Within a few days of my Grandmother’s death, we were all back to normal. Doing things that we would always do. It’s a sad reality. The world doesn’t stop for anyone.

“The cowards are usually the most violent” – Yoon Su White Christmas

The cowards want to appear strong thus their decision to be violent. It obviously doesn’t apply to each and every individual who considers themselves as coward but I feel that it applies to majority of the bullies.

“Yes, I am strange. I’m not normal. What is normal?” – Yoo EunSung White Christmas

Really, what is normal? Aren’t we all just a little strange? Maybe a little special?

“Your faces when alone and the faces you show to others are different.” – Kim YoHan White Christmas  

How you truly feel about yourself is not how you would like to present yourself. At least this is true for me. Who is the real me is something only I can know.

“If you really hate someone, you don’t make it obvious. It’s only when you dislike them that you pick fights and swear at them. That’s when people know. If you really hate someone, it’s done in secret. Not even the one being hated knows.” -Kang MiReu White Christmas
That’s the beauty of hate. And being a human. Many people say that they are transparent but I don’t believe it. Maybe there are few out there who like to show their real self but what they are showing is their vulnerable side. Nobody likes honest people. If I keep telling everyone I dislike that I don’t like them at all, I am just going to end up with very few people who would want to be with me.
“The thing about thinking is that the more you think,the more you have to think aboutSo the best thing is not to think.” – Rooftop Prince
I like that. I think a lot so maybe I should try not thinking at all. It is hard. Rather it is impossible but hey if it helps why not then right?

Credit: Asian Drama Quotes and White Christmas Drama

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